Complement Pool Decks With Decorative Cement

Complement Pool Decks With Decorative Cement Cement and concrete are extremely versatile materials with many uses for a wide variety of options for structural buildings and flooring applications for indoor as well as outdoor purposes. With so many residential properties already having or installing an in ground or above ground pool, it’s a valuable choice to have a pool deck surrounding the pool or in the pool area. Cement flooring is an ideal choice of material for pool decks and pool surrounding areas for their functional and decorative attributes. For their functional attributes  as a flooring system, cement pool decks provide are a cleaner and safer environment, there will be no issue with grass entering the pool water from foot traffic, they provide a pleasant place for sunbathing/entertaining/dinning and as for the safety, they also provide a safe and non slip surface pool.

Attention To Detail With Decorative Cement Pool Decks

Attention to detail is just as important to the external presentation as it is indoors with the intention to enhance and create outdoor presentation to have style, character and beauty that will complement the entire area. So many home owners who have an existing pool are opting to re decorate the pool area presentation with a new make over by featuring decorative cement pool decks. For new pool applications, with the trends of outdoor living and entertaining, the biggest growth in trend and design is featuring decorative cement. Decorative cement applications are achieved in various methods and techniques which include: stamped concrete, stenciled concrete, stained concrete, scored concrete and painting.

Many Decorative Options In Patterns/ Styles/ Colors/ Stains For Cement Pool Decks

Cement Pool DecksDecorative cement is a popular option for various applications such as: driveways, side walks, pathways, patios, barbeque areas, pool decks and pool area surroundings. There are many options in methods and techniques that decorative cement & concrete can be applied to existing cement pool decks for re surfacing or for new pool deck applications that will transform the external presentation, add character, pizzazz, style and color coordinate beautifully. The technique options and different types of methods used for decorative cement with over 100 colors/textures and some methods even create and mimic the look of irregular natural stone and brick designs.


The Benefits And Advantages Of Cement Pool Decks

There are many benefits and advantages to selecting cement/concrete applications for pool decks when compared to other decking materials available; benefits include the following;

  • Cement is an extremely durable material that has excellent strength values
  • A cleaner environment for pool areas than those that have turf {grass will not end up in the pool water}
  • Do not have to mow the lawns and worry about grass clipping 
  • They provide a decorative presentation to tie in beautifully with outdoor décor
  • Many choices in patterns, style and textures depending on the technique chosen
  • Can be used to resurface and redecorate existing cement pool decks {must be in good condition/ or repair  if required}
  • They provide the pool deck and surroundings a non slip surface {must be sealed}
  • Cement pool decks can cost a fraction of the price then other flooring materials
  •  Some methods such as staining, painting and scoring can be done home owners

All Cement Pool Decks Should Be sealed

All Cement Pool Decks Should Be sealed Sealing products are applied as the final layer which forms a coating film on the cement surface for protection and prolonging the life of the deck. All cement pool decks should be sealed for aspect as well as protecting the cement surface. What a good quality sealer provides is: a non slip surface which is vital in pool areas, a shine, prevents water intrusion from pool chlorides and a chemical protect the surface from marks and stains and removes them easily. For colored or stained cement pool decks, sealers will not allow fading from weather/pool chlorine/saltwater affects as the colors/stains are locked in and protected. Sealing should be done every 1 to 2 years to continue cement pool deck surface protection.