Staining Concrete Floors Indoors

Concrete is a popular option for residential, commercial and community applications for the purpose of indoors or outdoors flooring systems. For a large majority of new and old residential settings, the sub floor is a concrete foundation and many choose to cover the flooring with carpet, tiles or vinyl materials. In time, either the carpet or vinyl will have to be replaced due to wear and tear and in some instances, tiles will have to be replaced and even become out of date. Have you considered staining concrete floors rather then having to replace internal floor coverings every few years?

Endless Possibilities With Staining Designs

stained concreteThere are many great advantages as to why so many home owners and designers choose to stain new or old concrete floors for interior and exterior applications  due to the following attributes that concrete has:  concrete is hard wearing, its durable, long lasting, has great strength abilities, good resistances and very affordable. Other advantages include cleaner environment indoors, provides permanency, easy to clean and requires little maintenance. Another viable benefit to stained concrete is there are several surface textures and finishes to choose from to suit individual indoor or outdoor decor requirements and furnishings. Many opt for a solid stained floor throughout but for those who prefer to incorporate a focal pattern within the floor design or a border design, the possibilities are endless to create that individual look.

Good Quality Staining Product

The formula content of a good quality staining product has special chemicals, acids, mineral salts and wetting agents. These special elements are unlike acrylic paints and acrylic stains as they will not flake or peel off, they are a permanent stain. How the color of original concrete changes, is first the acid content etches/scratches the concreter surface which allows the chemicals  to penetrate through the surface then reacts with the existing  lime content of the concrete and changes the appearance to a stained affect.

Concrete Staining Textures

The following are some of the popular staining textures and color surface finishes which can transform the boring look of original concrete and add style, elegance and a touch of class to any internal or external flooring application’

  • Moss Green
  • Limestone
  • Terra Rosa
  • Terracotta
  • Charcoal
  • Almost Black
  • Earth Umber
  • Palomino
  • Bronze
  • Walnut
  • Aqua Blue
  • Rustic
  • Golden
  • Amber
  • Burnt Red/ Orange

As for surface finishes, there are certain staining products that imitate the look of marble, granite, faux and leather appearance.

Concrete Applications That Can Be Stained

Any form of concrete slabs can be achieved by the staining look and affect after it has been repaired and cleaned properly.  For external residential settings that have original concrete slabs such as driveways, pathways, sidewalks, walkways, courtyards, patios and pool decks, what an exceptional way to totally transform the appearance by choosing the staining affect to enhance and add beauty. For internal concrete floor applications; any room of your home can be also given a make over with the staining affect that not only looks sensational but also a cleaner and healthier environment that does not build up of dust mites like carpets do and cause a trigger to asthma sufferers.

Scorching Affect Then Staining Concrete Floors

One of the most cost affective alternatives for those who prefer the look of stone floors indoors or outdoors without having to outlay high expenses in purchasing stone pavers and hiring a tradesmen for installation,  is the scorching technique. In this process, the concrete surface is scorched/cut to the desired pattern. After the scorching pattern is complete, the surface must be cleaned properly before the staining process can commence. This decorative floor option can be achieved by DIY home owners who have all of the relevant information and guidelines which can literally save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.